Terms and Conditions

Before using the medicalconnect.ro site, please carefully read our terms and contractual conditions (Terms and Conditions)

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

The website medicalconnect.ro, is owned by Fly Go Voyager SRL, CIF: 18102780, J40/18631/2005, headquartered in Eugeniu Carada, No. 5-7, Building 1, Floor 1, Appartment 8, postal code 030057, hereinafter referred to as Fly Go.
The access and use of the website https://medicalconnect.ro/ is done according to the rules from the terms and conditions below. The use of https://medicalconnect.ro/ implies implicitly the acceptance of these terms and conditions, with all the afferent consequences.
Medicalconnect.ro is a mediation platform for medical services and FlyGo does not assume responsibility for products sold on the platform. The service provider, a FlyGo partner, is the one that holds all the licenses necessary to provide medical services.

Information on the obligations of platform users

Fly Go is not responsible for the User's inability to access or use The Site and not for the failures generated by the lack of these skills. Fly Go does not guarantee that the Site cannot be affected by viruses or other actions that may be generated malfunctions or other losses.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User confirms that he has all the legal power and / or that he is able to assume legal obligations, considering that by accepting them the User has the entire financial responsibility regarding the use of the System.
The User undertakes to use the System exclusively for the reservation or purchase of tickets/services under legal conditions, avoiding any malicious action meant to bring (User) undue benefits.
The User will not make reservations using false identities or will not pay for these reservations with credit cards for which he does not have the holder's consent to use.
The User agrees to abide by the following obligations including (but not limited to):
- financial responsibility for all transactions made in your account or name;
- you are over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to initiate legal action;
- guarantee the veracity of the data provided about you or your family members;
- not to use the Site for speculative purposes, generation of false or fraudulent reservations;
- to not transmit data of political material, pornographic material, racist material or other material that infringes copyright;
- the obligation not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, sell, display, license or reproduce the content of the Site except for the personal and non-commercial use of a single copy of the information contained in the Site.

Information published on the site

This Site may contain links to other external web pages operated by other parties involved. Fly Go has no control over or association with these web pages and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, integrity or quality of these web pages of the parties involved. The content of these external web pages does not reflect the products, services or information provided by Fly Go. Any opinions regarding the content of these external web pages will have to be directed to the administrators of the pages in question.

Information regarding the services sold

The services sold are described in detail so that the user has the necessary information before completing an order. The services offered by our partners and made available on the medicalconnect.ro platform are offered at one of the partner centers or at the user's home depending on the service chosen in the booking process. FlyGo provides services provided by other legal entities and cannot be held responsible for any changes or incorrect elements in the description of the products. FlyGo makes every effort to update the information of the services sold and to make available to users all the information regarding these services.
Fly Go acts as an intermediary for third party providers and assumes no responsibility for the medical products and services offered by the Medical Service Providers and does not guarantee in any way (either explicitly or implicitly) the accuracy or quality of the products and services reflected on this Site, these being influenced by the information provided by the Medical Service Providers.

Payment methods

The price of the products is displayed in RON and includes all taxes. It can be paid online by card. After completing the order, the customer will receive an email with all the details of the order and the details regarding the processed payment.

Limitation of liability

Fly Go mentions that the use of the Reservation System is made exclusively at the expense and risk of the User. The company does not guarantee that the use of the System will be error-free, nor does it guarantee that the search results will meet the User's requirements regarding the content, accuracy and usefulness of the information returned.
Also, the responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the user's data, contact data, credit cards or billing data used in making a reservation rests entirely with the User, Fly Go cannot be held liable if the User is brought a damage as a result of non-compliance with this provision.
The contractual obligations between Fly Go and the User cease at the moment of completing the order and the payment of the price by the User.

Terms of service providers

Any reservation made on the Site will be considered as your intention to purchase a certain product. If your request is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from Fly Go and this contract will take effect.
All medical services published on the Site are subject to the availability of Service Providers. The Terms and Conditions of the Service Provider will apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions of this Site.

Return or change policy

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract for a period of 14 calendar days, except for the cases provided in Art.16 GEO 34/2014, without any additional cost (except for delivery costs where applicable) or without the need for any justification. The client confirms that he has been informed by the trader about the conditions of the Right of Withdrawal available on the site. The 14 days are calculated from the date of placing the order.
To return an order, the customer must contact the merchant, at the contact details found on the merchant's contact page. At the request of the return customer, the trader has the following obligations:
- to contact the carrier in order to return the order (when applicable);
- to check the returned products and to contact the customer if there are irregularities;
- to reimburse within 14 days the value of the service, on the card used for payment by the client.
The client has the following obligations in case of return:
- to notify the merchant within 14 days of the intention to return the order;
- to return the products he wants and to pay for their transport;
- to return the products in the same conditions in which they received them, with the original packaging and the entire contents of the package.
In case of appointments, the client can change their date by notifying at least 4 hours in advance. The service is not transferable and is not refundable in case of no-show.

Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions represent the contract between the User and Fly Go and is governed by the laws of Romania.

Data protection

Security of personal data. Our platform fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). We assume, according to the GDPR regulation, the protection of the personal data of our clients.
Personal data: information about an identified or identifiable person. This information may include, but is not limited to, name, telephone number, e-mail address, bank card number.
The processing of personal data represents the operations performed on personal data, including the collection, registration, storage, processing, modification, sharing or deletion of data.
Our platform may collect the following personal data:
Name, CNP, e-mail address, telephone number, passport number or other numbers and details of the recognized identity card, credit / debit card or other payment details;
Information about your use of the site;
Communications that you make with us or that you direct to us by e-mails, calls;
The provision of the above personal data, upon request, is necessary for the proper execution of the contract between you and us. Without this data, we may not be able to provide you with all the services requested.

It is important that all personal data you provide to us when using our platform is accurate.
If you wish to send other people's personal data, for example when you make reservations on their behalf, you only need to provide us with the details of that third party with their consent and after they have read this privacy policy.

Data collected automatically

Information about site visits and usage, such as information about the device and browser you're using, your IP address.
This data is collected at various stages of the use of some websites, including by saving / using "cookies". The processing of personal data represents the operations performed on personal data, including, in particular, the collection, registration, storage, processing, modification, sharing or deletion of data.
Collection, necessity and use of personal data

In the booking process, our platform requests only the personal data it needs in relation to the users of the site.
Your data may be used for the following purposes:
To provide the services you request: we use the information you provide to us to perform the services you have requested
To process your payments, if you purchase our products,
in order to provide you with the status of the order,
to help you with questions and requests and to evaluate all complaints;
To process and respond to your requests or to contact you to answer your questions and / or requests;
To develop and improve the products, services, communication methods and functionality of our site;
To contact you regarding any changes or cancellations in connection with the purchased service.
To check your credit card or other type of card used for payment
To detect and / or prevent any fraudulent activities;
For administrative or legal purposes: we use your data for statistical and marketing analysis, systems testing, customer satisfaction studies, maintenance and development, or to resolve a complaint. Please note that we may perform data profiling based on the data we collect from you for statistical analysis and marketing purposes.
Security, health, administration, crime prevention / detection: at the request of the competent authorities it is possible to transmit your information in order to comply with legal requirements;
For Customer Service communications: we use your data to manage our relationship with you as a customer and to improve our services and your experience with us;
Recording and keeping calls received or made to our landline phone number: we will record all calls related to our services. The purpose of registration is to verify the obligations assumed, to find a solution in case of a complaint, to defend and pursue our legal interests, etc.

Your rights in connection with your data

You have the right to request access to data, rectification, transfer, limitation or deletion of data. You have the right to request their deletion at any time. Withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of data processing, performed on the basis of the consent given, prior to withdrawal. The consent is independent of the moment you use the services and is valid until its cancellation. Giving consent represents the possibility of receiving customized marketing information on your requests and offering products and services to the email or telephone address provided, as well as telephone contacts.

Legal bases for processing your data

Any data processing must be based on a legal basis, in accordance with applicable laws. The legal basis is indispensable in completing the formal obligations of the administrator or for the purpose resulting from the legitimate interest of the administrator, such as providing answers to letters or other requests.
In case of any ambiguity on the correctness of the processing of your data by us, you have at any time the right to submit a notification to the supervisory bodies.
By corroborating the above information, I agree to use my data for marketing or analytical purposes
The expression of this consent is voluntary and may be withdrawn at any time, but the withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing on the basis of consent prior to its withdrawal.
Security of personal data. Our platform fully complies with the legislation on the security of personal data of the User and undertakes not to alienate such data to third parties for purposes other than those for which they were requested.

Cookies Policy

What is a "cookie"?
Cookies are small files stored on your computer when you visit our platform. Your computer automatically recognizes and accepts these files. The information collected by the cookie is stored on the server and will be used each time the User accesses our site. Cookies store commercial and marketing information.
How and why do we use cookies?
These files are used for various functions: faster interaction between the User and the website, automatic completion of forms, keeping products in the shopping cart, registration of User preferences, authentication and security.
Cookies are not dangerous and should not be treated by the User as a virus that can harm your computer. The browser used allows setting and limiting the collection of cookies on the hard disk.
Although it is stored on the hard disk, a cookie cannot read and transmit to the site owner other information saved on the hard disk. A cookie contains only information collected when accessing a www page.

How can I change my cookie settings?
You can change your cookie settings at any time in the browser you are currently using. If you do so, please note that you may not be able to register on our site or use other features that require registration or information collection.
What types of cookies are used?
When you visit our site, the following types of cookies are used:

Required cookies
These are the cookies strictly necessary for the operation of a website. without these cookies, this site will not function properly.

Functional cookies
These are the Cookies that are set to improve the functionality of the site. For example, cookies that remember the content you previously viewed on this site or the email address and phone number provided at check-in during a previous visit. By way of use, the use of functional cookies allows us to offer you content tailored to your interests, no need for a new registration or to re-enter certain information in the registration forms when you return to this website.
Site cookies
These are Cookies set by this site and can only be read by this site.

Third party cookies
These are cookies set by third parties that we use for various services (for example, analysis or website advertising).

What kind of information is stored and accessed through cookies?
Cookies store information in a small text file that allows recognition of the browser used. This website recognizes the browser until cookies expire or are deleted by the user.

Customize browser settings for cookies
If the use of cookies is not annoying and the computer or device used for browsing our website is used only by you, long expiration dates may be set for storing your browsing history.

If the computer or device used for browsing this webpage is used by more than one person, the setting for deleting individual browsing data each time the browser is closed may be considered.
Cookie control
How cookies are used can be controlled from the Browser you use when you want to enter a certain page.

How do I disable or decline cookies?
Disabling cookies can make it difficult to use the website. However, it is possible to set the browser so that these cookies can no longer be accepted or cookies are not accepted from a particular website.
These settings are usually found in the options browser or in the preferences menu.
For more details on settings, go to the following sections in your browser:
· Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
· Cookie settings in Firefox
· Cookie settings in Chrome
· Cookie settings in Safari