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Igg and Igm Antibodies COVID-19 Testing

The IgG and IgM antibody test is a study designed to find out exactly whether the human body produces immunoglobulins specific to exposure to the new coronavirus. Antibodies are produced by our system and can protect us from infections.

IgM is the first antibody to appear in response to coronavirus antigens, and IgC appears as a secondary immune response for a longer period of time after exposure. Both can be detected using the Covid-19 antibody assay.

Now through Medicalconnect you can order testing at your home or company headquarters.

Now, nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal exudates can be collected from your home, company headquarters or at our testing centers. Sometimes, this option can be a real solution to your needs. Whether you go home or to the company's headquarters, the Revive Health team will be ready and prepared for safe procedures!

Many families who do not want to take risks or whose family members have limited mobility can request a home test.

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